Crows Feet

Perhaps the only downside to a life full of smiles and laughter. Worry not as i'm here to fix that for you!


Targeting those pesky lines that sit slap bang in the middle of your forehead.


Aka the frown lines. One too many moody Mondays do eventually show on your face. Nothing a trip to MWAH wont fix!

Brow Lift

Using anti wrinkle injections not only targets wrinkles but can also give you a non surgical brow lift!

Pebble Chin

By relaxing the chin muscles we can eliminate those chinkles! 

Lip Flip

By relaxing the muscles around the lip it gives the illusion of a fuller lip without the filler! 

Gummy Smiles

By relaxing the muscles around the mouth we can reduce the appearance of excess gum when smiling. 

Perioral Lines

Aka the lipstick lines. Years of pouting can be vanished in a 30 minute appointment. Pucker up!

Downturned Mouth

Turn that frown upside down! Book an appointment at MWAH and you'll have a constant smile on your face! 

Bunny Lines

Arguably the cutest of wrinkles to have but wrinkles none the less. Smooth those nose wrinkles out!

ANTI WRINKLE specialist areas

Masseter Reduction

For wide set jaws and those who suffer with teeth grinding.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

Neck band relaxing and neck lift. They say the neck is the biggest give away for age. Keep them guessing with this treatment

Excess Sweating

Worry no more, anti-wrinkle injections freeze the sweat glands in targeted areas to leave you feeling dry and secure.