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Dermal Filler


Craving the perfect pout? Looking to balance your profile? Here at MWAH we pride ourselves in natural looking lips. 

Nasolabial Folds

Plump the lines which appear from your nose to your mouth and watch the years disappear off your face!

Marionette Lines

Aka mouth to chin lines. 


Cheek Enhancement

God didn't bless you with the cheekbones of your dreams? That's ok, its 2022, you can just buy them!

Jaw & Chin

Using filler to reshape and define your chin and jaw can make the world of difference to your profile!

Tear Troughs

Sick of those hollow dark under eyes? Tear trough filler could be for you! 

Smokers Lines

Fill out those fine lines and no one will ever know you've had a cheeky smoke every now and then!

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