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Dermaplaning: Why you need this in your skincare routine

Put simply? It's THE secret to perfect skin.

Yes, really.

You'll have seen pics on social that show lines of gunk that has been removed from peoples face. This is the work of Dermaplaning. It's done by gently scraping off the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel. It's not as scary as you think, we promise.

And no, it's not just shaving. The main difference is the sharpness of the blade and the depth of the exfoliation. Yes you can just shave off facial hair at home, but to get real results, you'll need to see an expert (yes, just like MWAH!).

The benefits.

It's an exfoliation treatment like no other you've ever had. It'll remove all facial hair, peach fuzz and the dead skin that sits on the surface of your face. Literally THE MOST grainy exfoliator in existence couldn't give you results like these. You'll have brighter looking, glass skin that your beauty products sink into easier and your make up literally glides across. Or if you're like most people, you won't even bother with the foundation afterwards!

Is this treatment right for me?

Okay, so - any treatment that involves a scalpel needs some consideration. And, if you have inflamed acne - unsurprisingly, sliding a scalpel over spots can irritate them and worsen existing breakouts through spreading bacteria. Also, if you have highly reactive, sensitive skin (like those with rosacea or keratosis pilaris), you may want to pass on this one.

Will this give me spots?

Nope - this is designed to help prevent them! By removing dead skin that clogs your pores, you'll be reducing the likelihood of getting spots. Plus, your products will penetrate your skin better, meaning they'll work better! Exfoliation is essential for keeping a clear and glowing complexion - and there is no better exfoliation that Dermaplaning.

Does it hurt?

We get it. The thought of having a blade skimmed across your face is nerve wracking. This is why choosing the right skincare expert is key. You should never feel any pain. Never ever. If you do, it's not being done right.

Can I wear make up after?

Errrr YES! And prepare for how incredible you look in it. Peach fuzz can be pretty unsightly under make up - your make up sticks to the hairs and makes them look much worse. However, we recommend you let your skin breathe for 24 hours first, so always book in for your Dermaplaning the day before a big event. We recommend you use a good moisturiser such as this one, under your foundation after having your treatment.

But, shaving makes your hair grow back thicker?!

This just isn't true. Sorry! We promise it'll grow at the same speed and in the same texture.

How often shall I book in?

We recommend treating yourself on payday every month! Monthly treatments are perfect for keeping that all-year-round glow.

Will I be more sensitive to the sun?

Yes - but if you're not already taking a serious approach to protecting your skin from the sun, what are you doing!? Here is one of our favorite, top rated formulas.

How much does it cost?

Here at MWAH we offer the below packages:

30 Minute Dermaplane - £35

60 Minute Luxury Dermaplane - £45

90 Minute Luxury Dermaplane Plus - £70

*All prices have £5 off with an NHS card.

Want beautiful glass skin? Book in with MWAH here.

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