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How do Aqualyx fat dissolving injections work?

You workout. You diet. You get sweaty. You stay hungry. But that stubborn fat?

Yeah. It still doesn't budge.

For the record - we still encourage exercise. Getting an all-over sweat-on is the best and healthiest way to reduce fat all over. However, yo

u simply can't spot treat fatty areas of the body. All the lunges in the world won't get rid of the inner thigh budge that won't leave.

Sound like you? You could be the perfect person for body contouring with Aqualyx.

What is Aqualyx?

An injectable treatment that will literally melt away stubborn fat pockets. It's far less invasive than liposuction and has zero downtime.

Why not just workout more?

There are some areas that won't ever budge with exercise. That double-chin? Probably not going to disappear until you lose every bit of body fat - even then, it's debatable! It's not your fault - our bodies simply try and hold onto fat stored in the subcutaneous layer, as a way of conserving energy. This is why some fat is SO resistant to diets or exercise. Aqualyx targets these stubborn fat areas, just under the skin.

How does it work?

Acidic Bile is produced by the liver and is there to break down fat. Aqualyx is a synthetic form of this acid, derived from all plant-based ingredients and safe to use in the body. It's injected via a needle into the desired areas and the acid gets to work right away - breaking down fat cells. Once it's dissolved - the body metabolites it. Simples!

Does it hurt?

You'll get an anaesthetic to minimise pain or discomfort during the treatment. Larger areas can be sore - as they require more injections. Even so, the side effects are minimal. It's a minimally invasive procedure so it'll only take an hour or so. You may experience some swelling and tenderness but you can get right back to your usual routine after!

Where can it be used?

Anywhere on the body. Our clients use it for double chins, armpits, upper arms, hips, buttocks, ankles (yes!) tummy.

Will the results last?

You'll need a number of treatments depending on the size of the area you want treating - some people it's just 1-2 but large areas - thighs, for example, may need up to 8. Once treated though - if you keep a healthy lifestyle - it's unlikely to return. Once treated they are permanently gone, as long as you don't gain weight. Keep a healthy diet and you'll not need to visit again. At least... Not for Aqualyx! ;)

Is it safe?

Yes - it's an approved treatment and it's been used millions of times around the world to deliver results.

How much does it cost?

X-small area (i.e. neck) £99 course of 3 treatments £279

Small area - £149 or a course of 3 treatments £399

Medium area - £199 or course of 3 treatments £549

Large area - £229 or course of 3 treatments £629

Extra-large area - £279 or a course of 3 treatments £749.

**Your exact price will be quoted to you following your measurements being taken at a consultation. Aqualyx treatments (excluding chin) include 2 x weekly* 10-minute cavitation sessions free of charge to help you obtain maximum results, for a maximum 8 sessions/4 weeks post-treatment. Double-win!

How do I book?

Click here to book today! We can't wait to see you and make your fat loss dreams come true!

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