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Anti-wrinkle injections. Everything you don't know (but need to).

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Also known here as "The B-Word", because, well - in the UK, aestheticians aren't able to advertise using the official term as it is a prescription only medication. The B-Word, aka anti-wrinkle injections are THE most popular cosmetic treatment going. Millions of people each year make the decision to eradicate those fine lines and wrinkles - but before you do, it's important to know all the facts.

First of all, what even are anti-wrinkle injections?

The ingredients come from a neurotoxin produced by Clostridium Botulinum. It's a not-so-glam, natural forming bacterium that gives oh-so-glam results.

How do they work?

Anti-wrinkle injections prevent nerves from releasing a neurotransmitter to your brain, meaning that your nerves can’t signal for your muscles, where injected, to move. Voila - a super smooth forehead that makes you look 10 years younger!

What can they be used for?

Wrinkles. Excessive sweating. Gummy smiles. Orange peel chin. Neck band tightening. Those annoying “bunny lines” that bunch up on your nose when you smile... There are many uses. Here at MWAH, our most popular treatments are to soften facial lines i.e. forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crows feet and lines around the mouth.

Where can I get anti-wrinkle injections?

Far too many places, unfortunately, which can make it difficult for you to select a trusted practitioner. Remember, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here at MWAH, we were NHS professionals before aesthetics was even a real thing. This, combined with the fact that we've completed over 1,500 treatments, is the kind of thing you need to look out for when selecting your aesthetics provider. You can't "fix” anti-wrinkle injections if done incorrectly, you simply have to wait it out, so take the time to research and ask for before and after pics, like these...

Why do anti-wrinkle injections look like they fill in lines?

Basically, it stops the muscle contracting preventing your skins movement. This gives the appearance that the lines aren't there, until the injections wear off and your skin begins to move again as the muscles nerves beneath the skin enable movement again. This is why we always recommend frequent top-ups!

Does it work right away?How long will it last?

It differs from person to person based on how quickly your body breaks down/metabolises the neurotoxin. Movement slowly returns from 6-8 weeks. However, generally it will last 3 months. Over time, with frequent visits every 3 months, you'll likely be able to spread the visits out to closer to 6 months.

Will I have ANY facial expressions left?

This is up to you! Some people like the frozen look in their selected treatment areas. Some prefer to maintain some movement and expression. This is another reason why it's so important to see an expert, the slightest amount can affect your desired result. If anti-wrinkle injections are not done correctly the forehead muscles can relax TOO much, and the height of the brow can fall. Not cute.

What are the side effects?

A few TEENCY pin-prick sized marks where you're injected. As a risk with all injections some people also bruise slightly too. However, there is a great unintended consequence that many people report, in that your pores often appear smaller AND forehead sweat? Reduced! Winner-winner.

Does it hurt?!

It's a weird sensation but no. The needle is the smallest that you'll likely have ever seen, so you'll feel a little "pop" as it enters the skin, then nothing. Plus, any discomfort is totally worth it, we promise. If you are needle phobic a small amount of numbing cream can be used prior to treatment. How much will it cost?

Go to MWAH's pricing area to find out more, one area is from £140. Prices will vary between medical practitioners and beauticians as well as area’s of the country. Please remember to verify the quality of the work of who you choose.


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